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Add a Dash of Color With Pansies Blossoms in Your Spring Garden


Every gardener wants to explore the dynamics of planting different species but annuals are the basic and must have for any DIY or professional gardener. Even if you are just growing a few plants in balcony or terrace, Pansies are a splendid addition.

Most Maalis fret over seasonal plants that need too much maintenance so pansies are the ideal alternative. Pansy doesn’t just look great but is fairly easy to grow. In fact, while most plants sleep through the winter, pansies spring up and delight your garden with their cheery hues. You can use anything from cool season containers to plain soil beds in your garden. If you want a little pop of color when most other plants hibernate, here is how you grow pansy in your garden:

When to plant?

Always plant your seeds in fall or during late September and you will see your hard work coming to life by spring next year! And, no need to be worried about snowfall because they will grow back up once the snowfall ends. For those in colder areas like Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Uttarakhand, etc, choosing the right winter pansy like Bingo or Icicle would be apt.

The Pre-requisites

Pansy varieties can be grown up to winter if you plant them right during fall and they will end last for a good 8-10 months. Make sure you pick the right winter pansy to suit weather conditions like frost winter, heavy snowfall, hailstorms, frequency of rains during winter or warm winter, etc. You may need to enable protection to a certain extent during harsh winter so choose the right location.

  • Exposure of the plants from full to partial sun is important so pick a warm, sunny space for your pansy containers or pots.
  • The soil needs to be well-drained and feeding organic matter would make them blossom. Never use heavy and wet soil for growing pansies unless you are planting them in pots.
  • Getting bushy plants with numerous unopened flower buds would be better for your fall through spring garden instead of using seeds.

Growing Pansy

During spring planting, you can easily sow seeds during late winter and keep them inside but you will need to maintain the specific temperature and the maintenance would take too long so it is recommended that you go for established plants that you can simply plant in your pots.
Feed sufficient nutrients with healthy compost and ensure there is ample moisture in the soil but never too much water or the plants will rot.

Proper caring

Harsh winter calls for protection but you can also choose the winter variety to avoid rotting or dying the plant during snowfall. As the spring arrives, cut them a little too prompt stable bush growth in the plants. Also, there is a range of pansy specific fertilizers available so you can nourish the soil again during spring. If you want your pansies to bloom more, then pinch or cut off the blossoms through the deadheading method.
With Spring, your pansies will proper and blossom with several flowers so you can have a delightful garden full of colors and even add some blossoms to gourmet salads.

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