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Essential Tips to Grow Jasmine in the Pot!


As diverse as India is, such is the diversity of language and thus jasmines are called in India by the names of Moghra, Arabian Jasmine, Mallika, Kundumalligai and also the “Moonshine in the garden”, wherein Moghra is the name which is most popular! The flowers of this plant are used extensively to offer prayers to the gods like Shiva & Brahma and thus pretty famous.

Jasmine is an evergreen semi-vining shrub whose flowers is white in color and is known as Jasminum by leau of their taxonomic name.

Jasmines or moghra are characterized by year round blooms, mesmerizing fragrance and glossy leaves and is known to be one of the most fragrant flowers in the planet! Due to its great fragrance, jasmine or moghra is an exotic plant which even though does not need extra attention, but a well maintained and cared for plant blooms the best!

Thus, some of the tips to grow and help bloom jasmine flowers better in a potted environment are discussed below.

Growing jasmine plant in a pot

One of the best flowering plants which also make a great potted one is jasmine or moghra and the best part; it can grow as an indoor as well as an outdoor pot plant!

Jasmine plants are shrub-like vine plants which grow into a length of 1.6 feet to 9.8 feet at the maximum wherein the leaves are green and glossy growing white flowers with them. The flowers of the jasmine plant are borne in cluster form and can range from white, yellow and light reddish color as well! Known to grow in density, jasmine plant can be easily maintained too!

Soil preparation

The preparation of soil for all the varieties of the jasmine or moghra plant is the same. These plants need a free draining rich soil environment which includes one part river sand, two parts of loam and two parts of peat moss as well. After mixing the aforementioned ingredients, one may also add vermicompost or coconut coir into the same too. These additions actually increase the moisture retention power of the soil in the long run!

Planting into the pot

Planting the jasmine plant is one of the most essential steps where one needs to take care that after planting one needs to make a raised boundary around the root and fill the area with water. Apart from this, a three-inch layer of mulch is essential around the plant too. After the plant grows, one needs to take care that the steps are properly tied up so that it does not droop and cause problems to the plant and the flowers. Proper drainage of the pot has to be maintained as well with several holes beneath it.


The sunlight necessity for a moghra plant initially just after planting is less and needs to be kept in bright yet indirect sunlight for the first few days period. After the initial phase, the jasmine plants need full sunlight to give great flowers although they can grow and survive in partial shade as well.


Jasmine plants do not like soggy and watery soil and thus watering should be done with utter care. Water should be only given to this flowering plant when the water in its pot has dried up and water it till the time some does not come out of the drainage holes. In the winters, watering should be lesser than in the summer months.


Fertilization of jasmine plant is not really necessary but a slow release fertilizer can be used in the spring period only.


The maintenance of this plant is not too tough other than taking care of its 6-hour direct sunlight requirement and watering issues. Other than this, the plant is pretty low on maintenance.

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