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Easily Grow Roses in Your Balcony

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You don’t need a big garden to grow the queen of all flowers! Just a few containers and some sunny space in your home are enough to grow beautiful roses. You can grow easily roses on your balcony or terrace or even in a window box. All you need is some know-how about the varieties of roses best suited to your kind of environment and how to plant and care for them. This is exactly what this article is going to teach you. So, are you ready for the exciting journey of growing a tiny seedling into a full-bloomed rose bush, right in your container garden? Let’s begin.

Do you love roses enough?

One thing you should remember right from the start is that you need to take good care of your rose plants to make them live and flourish happily. No wonder, roses are linked with love and romance! You should regularly monitor the growth and progress of your rose plants. If you love roses – and gardening – you certainly won’t mind this. Since rose plants can be susceptible to diseases and parasites, taking good care of them is important. Of course, that doesn’t mean that growing them is a rocket science. You can learn some tips and tricks and get a wonderful rose garden in your balcony.

Best rose types for growing in containers

Not all types of rose plants are suitable to be grown in a container. Following are some varieties that actually enjoy growing in containers.

 Floribunda: they come in different colors and some popular Floribunda varieties are Evening Star, Sexy Rexy, and Amber Queen.

 Miniatures: These are tiny and delicate varieties that are ideal for containers on your balcony.

 Patio roses: These beautiful varieties grow 2-3 feet tall and have dark green leaves and vibrantly colored bloom. Yellow Jacket, Amorette, and Pink Pollyanna are some popular varieties.

Selecting the right pot is important

Many people make the mistake of thinking that any container is fine for a rose plant. Not really. The choice of the container can affect the growth and flowering of the plant. Materials are many, from plastic and ceramic to terra cotta, they are all good as long as they are 14-16 inches in diameter and 18-20 inches tall. They should have enough drainage holes so that no excess water gets accumulated in the soil.

Taking care of your rose plants

  • You can purchase the soil from a good nursery making sure that it is pests free and well-nourished. Also, buy rose saplings from a trusted source.
  • Once you plant them in your containers, don’t forget to place them in your balcony where they will receive ample sunlight in the mornings and afternoon.
  • Feed the plant with slow releasing rose fertilizers and water just enough to keep the soil moist.
  • Aphids, thrips, spider mites are just some of the pests that can infest your rose plants, so be alert of their existence. Rose plants are also susceptible to bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Spray the plants with appropriate insecticides and fungicides to counter these problems.
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