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How to Protect Garden Plants this Summer?


Summer can be a tough time for garden plants. If have a garden at your place and you don’t want to ruin the look of your garden in the summer, you need to look out the ways to preserve the garden. Here is a guide that can help you to keep your garden in good condition this season –

Keep an eye on weather updates

First of all you need to pay heed on the weather forecast. Doing anything once summer has arrived is somehow upsetting. So, it is better to have a good idea about the upcoming weather conditions of your particular area.

Weigh up water usage

It is the time to weigh up your water use and supply. If there is no limitation and interruption in water supply, the things can be easier to manage for you. But, with water limitations, you may need to struggle a lot.

If water supply is restricted at your place, water profoundly and after some interval to the plants. It helps in keeping the roots cooler. However, if there is no issue of water, it is better to water twice during cooler parts of the day. Frequent watering is great for extensive growth of plants.

Instead of direct watering, use spike. These garden products are easily available in the market. Using watering spike ensures that the plants can access the water without any interruption.

Preserve the garden soil 

To maintain the wetness of the garden surface, it is crucial to apply a thick layer of mulch in the garden. The surface must be covered completely under the mulch. It is suggested to use water withholding products. You can find various kinds of organic products to retain the moisture level of soil.

Cover the garden

Try to cover the garden using one or other product. Shade sails, dust cloth, and many more products can be used to wrap the garden and block the sun rays. Depending on the size of the garden and your convenience, you can use the covers all day long or in hot hours.

Manage the plants

Some plants are sun loving while some other plants are delicate. In the summer, you are supposed to pay heed on the delicate and small plants. Keep such plants in less sun exposed area. It is recommended to keep such plants in pots so that they can be moved easily. If you have some taller plants in the garden, keep the small plants and herbs in neighboring areas. It helps the small plants to get some moisture and shade.

Pass up Wind

Wind can make the soil dry in summer. When it comes to avoiding the effects of wind, fencing comes handy. Use a good quality fencing that can block the heat and allow air circulation while avoiding direct air to the soil.

Pick the plants carefully

If you are in a really hot area and there are chances of severe heat, replace the delicate plants from heat loving plants. Instead of putting your efforts into something that is not possible, pick the plants smartly. This way, you can keep the beauty of your garden.

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