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10 Creative garden ideas and landscape tips


1. Hanging Herb Garden

A hanging herb garden can be grown outside as well as inside. A hanging herb garden provides an aesthetically pleasing look and is a new creative idea for your garden.

Hanging something vertically provides a lot more space. You can build your vertical herb garden inside your home also.

2. Upside Down indoor plants

If you are in need of an inspiration of how to get an appealing garden in all forms than this idea is the once. Upside indoor plants need some extra care but provide an excellent landscape. These plants are placed upside down tied above on something. You can either make a row, or you can just hang it upside down. Add some light for adding up the décor.

3. Create a Succulent Garden

Succulents are in trend for gardening and adding up décor at the moment. Everyone, moreover the people who don’t like gardening are fond of small decorative plants. Succulents are not just plants, but they have also become a sort of culture. We can see succulent paintings on the clothes also nowadays.

There are several sorts of creating a succulent garden some of which are:
• A spray painted succulent arrangement
• Hanging succulent baskets
• Vertical hanging succulents
• Hanging terrariums
• Colorful succulents

4. Drawer Herb Garden

Herbs are the species that can adjust anywhere. If you have a drawer lying around in your home, it can completely solve the purpose. You can turn it into your very herb garden. In your drawers just insert some seedlings, pots, and lining, and you are all set for the making up of this amazing idea.

5. Create living walls of leaves

You can just dress up the wall space of your home and add a wow factor to it by growing a living wall of leaves. The result of this is an irresistible texture of varying plant leaves. The base of this design must contain a neutral type of bricks. It must enclose a moss garden and get surrounded by small plants and mosses. This design will surely create a commanding presence. This design will look best if implemented in the courtyard.

6. Create a mini fairyland in your garden

If you have little children in your home than creating a mini, the fairly land will boost them to also participate in the gardening activities which will create some free gaming practices also.

In this method, a clever use of broken pot shards is made. You just need to stagger the shares and hold them in place with the use of a firm soil. Also, allow some space for the mini succulents to grow.
Although this design is the best for children playful nature, this design can bring a wide smile to anyone’s face.

7. Garden Idea for a seaside cottage

Driftwood pieces can be artfully shaped in the form of living sculpture. You just need to add some succulents and tiny herbs ranging in different colors. This type of artwork is believed to be a living inspiration for the gardens, especially at seaside cottages. Their shapes do provide an artistic texture all over.

8. A two story hanging garden of flowers (Outdoor design)

You can lush blooms of varying colors plants in every available space of your courtyard. Make lavish use of flowers.

9. Plant Shrubs that Bloom all year

With the proper planning and design, you can have shrubs flowering in your garden all the year. There are certain shrubs that bloom all year. These shrubs will provide a pleasing look all year around.

These are:
• Brandywine
• Mock orange
• Butterfly Bush etc

10. Grow plants that attract hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are the cutest bird on this planet. If you can attract hummingbirds to your garden, this will add up to the landscape of your garden. Plants that attract hummingbirds are:

• Bee balm
• Coral bells
• Dahlia
• Hollyhocks
• Lily
• Zinnia

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