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10 Definitive Reasons You Need More Houseplants in Your Life

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If you are thinking to re-do your home décor, then household plants can be the perfect choice for you. Have you ever wondered why people keep household plants as a part of their home décor?? Plants add an aura and elegance to your house. Having plants bring a fresh and positive vibe to you home and surroundings. These small green living things do more than just beautifying your home. Let’s read on to know the definitive reasons you need more household plants in your life.

10 Definitive Reasons You Need More Houseplants in Your Life

Plants not just glorify your home décor but do more for your physical and mental health too. As we all have grown up knowing the fact that plants produce oxygen that we breathe through a process called “Photosynthesis”, plants are known to have numerous benefits. Why just derive the benefits from the environment?? Why not have household plants and reap its health benefits right where you stay. Following are definitive reasons you need more houseplants in your life:

1) Help you relax

Just one look at the fresh green colour of the leaves and vibrant colours of the flower petals will stimulate and trigger the production of adrenaline. Due to this energy levels will increase and permit more oxygen flow to the brain thereby helping you relax.

2) Natural Humidifiers

Instead of shelling out your money on an expensive air humidifier, place a few “Ferns” around your home. These plants release moisture into the environment through the process of transpiration.

3) Healing powers

Aloe Vera plant is the ancient legendary plant known to have immense healing properties. You can plant one at home and use it to treat skin and hair infections. Aloe Vera is known to have medicinal properties and can be used to treat wounds too.

4) Aura and Creativity

If you are feeling dull and are desperate for a change in atmosphere, plants can instantly solve your problem. Colourful leaves energize and inspire the surroundings of your home.

5) Reduce Allergies

For those who have severe allergies prone to dust in summer and winter seasons, did you know that there are plants that can cure your allergies. Yes, you need not take any internal medications. Just plant a few spider plants at home. The leaves of these plants absorb the allergens and eliminate up to 90% of toxins from your home.

6) Purify the air

Did you know that there are houseplants that purify the air around you?? Yes there are plants like the English Ivy that filters the air in the surroundings. It is also known to absorb formaldehyde.

7) Provide Energy

Red is known to be a colour that stimulates the appetite and internal energies. Plants that have red leaves are known to have the same effect. Keep it in your bedroom or bathroom to energize you when you begin your day.

8) Increase concentration

Recent studies have demonstrated that certain houseplants like the bamboo plants are known to increase attentiveness. Bamboo plants are often also kept in work places.

9) Reduce stress

Flowering houseplants like Anthurium are known to reduce stress levels. Planting them in your house induces a state of calm environment and reduces stress within you.

10) Soothing for the eyes

We all want to see things that soothe our eyes. When eyes are irritated or tired due to stress, there are certain houseplants that are known to relieve the eye stress. Plants such as Pothos are also known to prevent cataract and glaucoma.

These are enough reasons to consider having houseplants in your home, isn’t it?? Plants are small little living creatures that do everything to make you happy.


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