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10 Gorgeous Plants That Love Shade

gorgeous plants

Do you have a shaded area in your home yard that looks dead? To the plants and nature lover, seeing a place in a home in a deadly condition is not admirable. Plants can go a long way in beautifying your home. In addition to being perennial decoration, they also help in purifying the air and are nothing short of natural, low budget air purifiers. We often believe that sunlight is required for proper growth and nourishment of the plants, well, that is not at all true. There are several gorgeous plants that love shade and have the caliber to bring beauty to your yard even without sunlight.

Here is the list of top 10 shade flowers, which will add to the natural look of your house, and make it look cozy and peaceful.

1. Bleeding hearts

These flowers bloom all year and are quite a treat to the eyes. Their scientific name is Dicentra spectabilis. They were named bleeding hearts, due to their shape, which is that of a heart, with a drop at the end. They are pink or white in color and can make your house look serene and dignified.

2. Buckshaw blue hosta

These flowers bloom in the middle of summer. They have thick leaves, which appear bluish green and white flowers. These plants are quite popular due to the texture and unusual color of the leaves. So, if you want something that could add a splash of color to your yard, then this is a perfect choice.

3. Jerusalem Sage

These flowers provide for beautiful ground covers. With age, the flowers change color from pink to purple and would give the look of a carpet of flowers in your garden area, or beneath trees. They are available by the name of pulmonaria saccharata, which is the plant’s scientific name.

4. White trillium

These are beautiful shade garden flowers. They have big white petals, which are textured. Each flower has three petals, and when in bloom, can make your garden look beautiful and attractive. The flower’s appearance is unique as its name.

5. Lily of the valley

These perennial flowers grow very well under shade. They are bell-shaped, and can grow in places where space is limited. They can grow under the shade of trees and will remind you of the elegance of the English gardens. You just need to take some extra care of the plant as it has individual blooms in one stem.

6. Mrs. Popple Fuchsia

Popple Fuchsia plants are meant to add beautiful colors and foliage to your shaded garden spots. These scarlet and purple flowers, hang from slender branches and are the perfect way to add color to your shade garden. In bloom ( June to October), they would liven up the place, and give a celebratory look to your garden.

7. Sempervivum

These big, red, purple and pink flowers are the perfect choice for indoor plants. They are quite hardy and do not require a lot of looking after. They are values greatly for their ornamental and aesthetic uses. In case, you have a shady area in your dining room or lobby side, you want to decorate with colorful flowers, Sempervivum makes an ideal pick.


8. Double mint Gardenia

These flowers are named so due to the fact that they are double layered. Their blooming time is from the middle of summer to early fall. These shrubs grow quickly, and in addition to being beautiful, they also fill up space with a mellow smell and thus add to the beauty of shade gardens.

9. Astible

If you are a butterfly lover then this plant is just for you! Once you grow this plant, it will draw them which is a great addition to any yard or flower garden. These flowers are known for their vibrancy and texture. They not only have colorful plumes, but their foliage also is full of color, ranging from bronze, bluish green to deep red. They are perfect for engaging your creative side and can make your shade garden look playful and bright. The color and texture can go a long way in lifting your spirits when you are feeling low or gloomy.

10. Primula or Prime Rose

These are easy to grow and require shade and moist soil. They come in almost all colors and sizes, and therefore you can exercise choice while buying these plants. An interesting combination of colors can be created using flowers of different colors and sizes. Growing these plants can prove to be a very pleasing exercise for the artist in you.

These flowers bloom at different times (some all year) and will make your shade garden blossom and smell all around the year. Some provide sophistication, while others brighten up your garden. The choice of picking one, or balancing the two, rests solely on you.

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