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10 tips for Small Garden Design to Transform Your Space


It may be that you have a small garden that you would like decorate and make it appear fresh and beautiful. If you think that the small available space is a big constraint, then rethink again! These days, space has become a premium for majority of the home owners. But with some tips, it is possible to grow a beautiful garden and make the best of the small space.

Useful tips to follow

Use height

The fence side, garages and walls can be all good space. The interior walls are mainly used for hanging pictures, cupboards and mirrors. The same can be done with the garden. Trailers, creepers can be used for adorning high spaces. Blooms can be got up high using containers like wall mangers, window boxes and baskets. They can be appealing to the eyes and make the garden to appear bigger.

Pave diagonally

It will not be worthy to pave with flat edge being toward the house. Rather, it is to be laid in diamond shape for giving that bigger optical illusion.


Hidden areas can be created simply by having the garden divided into different segments to get that bigger feeling. This is because, not everything can be noticed at once. Even in those small spaces, using an arch can help develop separate garden areas.

Keeping it bright

The small garden can be made much bigger and lighter by using plants and features that are brightly colored. Sandy or golden colors, along with bright trees and foliage can help. Hot colors can make the space to appear more intimate. Cool colors such as blues and purples can recede the vision field, thus making the small space to appear bigger.

Including trees

Some bigger trees are to be squeezed in to give better height and more privacy. Canopy trees can be used to provide that leafy roof, consuming negligible space. With the clearance of the lower stems, the space can be made all the more bigger.

Attract wildlife

Roosting pouches, insect hotels, feeding stations and bird boxes can help the garden to be filled with life and activity. You can plant flowers that can please butterflies and bees and provide you with plenty of colors.

Using the right furniture

Folding tables and chairs can help to reduce cluttering.

Using containers

for small flowering bedding plants or trees, pots are just fabulous. They can be moved around or changed without any inconvenience. It also offers the opportunity to revamp the garden whenever desired.

Movement and sound

 The small garden design is to be added with some points of interest to bring sound and motion. Water features do make excellent focal points, good enough to create that tranquil environment.


 To get greater privacy, it will be useful to install pergolas and arches for creating that secluded seating area. They are to be then covered with climbers.

The right type of design can help the small garden to appear more spacious and beautiful.

There are plenty of useful tips which when carefully analyzed, understood and implemented can help the small garden to appear much bigger, spacious and attractive.

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