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Benefits of Tulsi Leaves


Benefits of Tulsi Leaves – Tulsi is a mark of holiness or piousness in the Hindu mythological society. Tulsi literally means something that cannot be compared with anything else. Tulsi is a plant that grows throughout India and worshiped by many. Mythologically, Tulsi is related to Lord Krishna and is said that she was his most beloved wife.

Tulsi or holy basil is a shrub with many benefits that keeps us healthy and happy.

Here are some of the benefits

  1. Insect Sting – It helps in relieving from the pain of the string bite and reduces inflammation too.
  2. Heart Problems – Tulsi is said to be quite beneficial for heart-related problems and tones up the heart muscles. It is said to improve and increase blood circulation in the human body.
  3. Respiratory Disorder – Tulsi is not just a plant but also a drug used in treating respiratory disorders. Honey with Tulsi leaves is an effective remedy to support the throat and respiratory disorders.
  4. Tooth Problems – It strengthens the gums and avoids any cavity and plaque formation in them.
  5. Tension, Stress, and Depression – It is one of the most important Adaptogenic agents that help in relieving stress from the body. It helps in avoiding radical formation in the body and relieves brain from stress.
  6. A headache – It is a good analgesic and helps in relieving from conditions like a migraine and pain in different parts of the head.
  7. Eye Related Issues – Tulsi is said to improve the vision and helps in toning up the eye muscles. It contains the optimum level of vitamin A that helps in normalizing the functioning of eyes.
  8. A cough – Tulsi is one of the common herbs used for treating cough related remedies. It is said to soothe the throat and help in curbing the infection in the throat and respiratory tract. It helps in treating bronchitis and other respiratory disorders.
  9. Immunity – Tulsi is very helpful in increasing the immunity of the body. It helps in promoting the production of antibodies, in case if any foreign invasion in the body. It also helps in rebuilding cells that fight infections and antigens.
  10. Oral Infection – Tulsi is said to be very helpful in treating injections related to the oral cavity. It not only curbs the infection in the body but also helps in toning up the gums and maintains the general hygiene of the body. It is very popular for offering to relieve in mouth ulcers.
  11. A sore throat – Tulsi is also good for relieving the sore throat. Tulsi leaves boiled in water are very beneficial in treating sore throat.
  12. Fever and Cold – Tulsi is also very helpful in maintaining the body temperature and keeps it normal. It helps in avoiding the infection and increases the inner strengthen the body to tackle the infections to the fullest. Chewing Tulsi leaves on a daily basis helps in getting relieve from cold and flu.
  13. Kidney Stones – It is known for stabilizing the renal disturbances. Tulsi juice proves as an effective substance in treating the renal calculi and helps in breaking up of the stone in the kidney.


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