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Best Fall-Blooming Flowers for Your Garden


Do you start worrying about your colorful garden once summer gets over and fall season begins to arrive?
It is important to have knowledge of which plants to plant in which season if one wishes to have a perfectly planted garden. Autumn can be a very beautiful time, with your garden full of shades of orange, red and bronze colors, provided these plants are planted early in the year and are well looked after. The fall season, therefore, can thus be a season of color and vibrancy, if prior information is availed and put to use.

Let us have a look at top fall flowers for your garden, you can choose two or three that fit to grow together.


#1. Balloon flower or Platycodon grandiflorus

These flowers are named such because they grow as a bubble or balloon, and then in their bloom, they pop open and grow as individual flowers. They are available in pink, lavender and white color. Growing them in this combination can add a soothing touch to your garden. The perfect time for planting Balloon flower is from the middle of the summer to the fall.

#2. Japenese Anemone

This flower can take a while to become steady, but once it does, it requires very little maintenance. These flowers usually grow as border plants. The flowers are white in color and are quite stately and elegant to look at, and are recommended for the fall season. Though it needs some sort of maintenance once it begins to grow, it adds a big difference to your lawn.

#3. Sweet Asylum

These flowers are perfect for the ground cover. They are usually white, purple or pink, and have a sweet fragrance. They can give your garden the look of being covered with a purple carpet. These flowers are not affected by bad weather and blooms forever even in shade, sun or fall season.


#4. Celosia

These flowers come in bright colors and can make your garden look lively. A disadvantage with these flowers, however, is that they do not always bloom and can sometimes take a long time to show flowers. Other than that, they can be quite a treat for the eye.

#5. Michaelmas Daisy

These flowers come in the color purple and white, which are quite popular in the autumn season. They bloom in accordance with shortening days. These flowers can be planted in small spaces, and in complementary colors. This would really make your garden stand out.

#6. Caryopteris

These flowers need well-drained soil and sunlight. These bright blue flowers attract a lot of butterflies, and your garden can be a beautiful play of colors with these flowers and butterflies together.

#7. Chinese Lantern

This plant derives its name because of its yellow, red and orange pods. They resemble a lantern very closely and can fill your garden with the colors or autumn. A problem with these flowers can be their unprecedented growth and spread if left unattended.

#8. Helenium

This is another plant which comes in the colors red orange and yellow which makes it a perfect choice for the autumn season. These plants were erstwhile known as sneezeweed, because of their use as a snuffing plant. They are tall plants and are popular in many gardens.

#9. Heliopsis

These flowers are also called false sunflowers, and they do complete justice to their nickname. They have a dark brown or black center and large yellow petals. They are perennial flowers, and have a long life. These flowers are best used with high quality wood decorations in interior designing.

#10. Iberis

These small, double layered, white flowers bloom twice a year. They are quite pretty to look at and serve very well as wallflower. They grow close to each other, and can even give the appearance of snow in autumn and can be quite a surprise.

#11. Aconitum

These flowers are also known as wolfsbane. They are bright blue flowers and will stand out in autumn, which is dominated by the warmer hues. These flowers are poisonous and therefore one has to maintain caution while dealing with them.

#12. Chrysanthemums

Very popular gifting flowers, they are available in a wide range of colors. Second, only to roses, the different colors in these flowers are said to stand for different emotions. For example, white for peace, yellow for likeness, and pink and red for love.

These fall flowers have to be looked after and the decision to plant them has to be taken early for them to be in full health and bloom. You must consider using organic compost while creating soil flower bed for fall flowers and use sprinklers for watering them habitually. Moreover, don’t plant flowers in a crowded manner; instead, allot plants enough space to let them reach their full sizes.

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