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DIY Gardening Ideas to Make your Garden Look Awesome

Diy Gardening Ideas To Make Your Garden Look Awesome In Your

Many people have lawns and small gardens in their houses which they maintain in a very nice so that it looks pretty and beautiful. If you are a plant lover and wish to make your garden attractive, there are many DIY garden tips which can help you make your garden look attractive at nominal budget.

DIY Garden Ideas to make your garden look awesome:

1. Reuse old tires in a beautiful way

Old tires can be reused by painting them with vibrant and beautiful colors. Take about 10 – 12 tires and paint them. Afterwards, you can paint them and make your own tire bed and make beautiful creations. Alternatively you can also hang these tires on the wooden fence at some distance if you have a big garden.

2. Ladder plant

An old wooden staircase at home can be used to create a beautiful ladder plant section which can be placed at any corner of your garden. First of all paint the ladder with a nice color. Next, you can put small and medium sized flower pots and place it on the different steps of the ladder.

3. Old door reuse for gardens

Old wooden doors which are no longer in use at home can be used as a wooden frame to have some plant hangings. You can use any old door, color it of your choice. Next, you can hang 5 – 6 plants on it. These plants preferably should have different color flowers which makes the corner area look beautiful in your garden.

4. Making planters

You can easily recycle the old stuff at home which is no longer in use to make planters. For the purpose you can use old washing tubs or any other large metal boxes which are no longer in use.

5. DIY shelves for your garden

Since there are many items which have to be stored for use in garden, having appropriate shelves for the garden would be a preferred option. The shelves which you will purchase in the market will be very expensive. Hence, it is best to make these beautiful shelves on your own. Many people have old wooden boxes at their homes which are of no use. Take any of these boxes and open it from one side. Paint it in a color of your choice. Repeat the same activity with 5 – 6 wooden boxes. Next you can hang these boxes on any wall. The wooden shelves can be used for storage purpose or keeping your pots where they get adequate sunlight.

These are some of the common DIY ideas which can help you make your garden look nice, pretty and attractive. Since most of the items used are old stuff at home, you won’t have to spend a lot to make these. Plus, your guests will also love the addition of these new stuff to your garden. So take up your box of paint, old wooden stuff and much more to make your garden look the best in the neighborhood!

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