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Gardening without a garden: 10 ideas for your patio or balcony..!

ideas for your patio or balcony

Not having a garden space cannot pre-empt you from growing plants. Even if you are low on space doesn’t mean that you cannot grow plants. One of the best places for growing plants instead of garden space is your patio or balcony.

Take a look at the following amazing ideas that will change the décor of your balcony.

Vertical Terracotta

Terracotta plants are the best to be used in the balconies of your apartment. The hanging terracotta plants use up the least space and to the décor of your balcony adding up greenery in your apartment. To plant vertical terracotta outside your balcony, you just need a metal hook that connects the pots, washers, and bolts.

The beauty of this design is overwhelming, and the pots add to the visual interest. Watering the pot is done from the top. Don’t forget to choose the right type of soil suitable for a container. This method works equally good with flowers or herbs.

Modern Comfort

Modern Comfort is a new way of gardening without a garden on your balcony. This balcony garden plans to add décor to the home space with the pillow, blanket, and a home tray. You can place a container pot on the deep tray in your balcony where the sofa or little furniture is placed. Keeping up with the pace it adds to the visual comfort while in leisure times.

Culinary Creations for edible gardening

This method is proof that you can grow edible food and herbs in a very small space also.Requirements for this idea include a wooden pallet, chalkboard, and some paint. While working on this idea make sure to add some holes so that the drainage of water through the soil can be done efficiently.

While using wood for the pallets make sure that the wood is not leached with preservatives or chemicals. You can grow spring onion, parsley, oregano, rosemary, etc. here.

Bright Color Pots with the wall

Bright colors are a sort of provision to your tiny balcony garden. The plain wall can be converted into a great artistic work when colorful pots are placed.

Grow a private oasis

You can create a private oasis with this creative balcony design. If you have an existing tree somewhere nearer then place the plants around the edges of the balcony. If you bring floor pillows and a blanket into your balcony after this design is implemented, your balcony can become an extension your home.

The hanging garden

Your green balconies don’t need large plants to be placed on the floor to be more effective. The hanging pots and the baskets are the keys if you are low on space. Because most of the garden is grown above as the hanging garden and on the side of this balcony, there is a lot of room for a set of chairs and table below.

Italian flair

You can make a dramatic impact in a small space by getting some inspiration from the Italian gardening ideas. This design involves smaller pots on the inside of the balcony floor to grow greenery. Window boxes and baskets full of colorful flowers can be hung outside the balcony that is easily visible from below.

Rail Garden

This method emphasizes on recreating a special type of container that is cut into a specific shape that can be fitted easily on the railings of your balcony.

Yard balcony

This balcony is for you if most of the times you get an urge to walk in the parks. Plant shrubs along the railings and style it in the way of yard path. Add a park bench and stepping stones.

Vertical Succulent Garden

Succulents can grow in poor soil and water conditions and require a little space to grow. The vertical succulent garden can prove to be a good idea for your balcony.

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