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How to grow a Vertical Garden?


1. Grow Vertical Garden Using Pallets.

You must be wondering that how a vertical garden can be grown out of pallets. Besides the thousands of ideas on inter the web, this is a unique and amazing idea of growing vertical Garden. And trust me these are quite fun.

  • The first thing is that it becomes really difficult to get the dirt stay onto the palette once you have start watering them. But once the dirt gets settled down half of the work gets complete, you can have a goof=d enjoyable time growing a vertical garden out of this.
  • You can get these hardware pallets in a nearby hardware store.
  • The pictures below will show you how to build a vertical garden out of pallets exactly.
  • Measure the current width of the palette and cut the fence boards of that length. Screw in some weed.
  • Now, lift up the pallet onto the place of the frame that is designed and screws it.
  • Staple a cardboard on the front side of the pallet. And then fill the pallet with the garden soil. The dirt that falls off can be put back.
  • Finally, you can now whatever sort of plants you need in your garden. Just put some seeds in the garden soil in a careful manner.

This method is, of course, crazy but proves to be the best regarding decorative nature and is aesthetically pleasing in its kind. You can now get benefits by growing your herbs and lettuce.

2. Sprucing Up a Fence

You must be having boring fences in your garden and outside it. You can add a décor to your garden by hanging these flower pots over it. Also, you can hang spray- painted and terracotta planters. This old fence can still fill up the purpose for your vertical garden and save up space. Sprucing up an old existing fence seems to be a better idea than just buying a whole new fence. You can Plant new sorts of shrubs, greenery or flowers along the fence line as you desire.

3. Fill up the window Place adding décor

You can give a warm vintage-inspiring look by growing a vertical garden on a window as shown in the above picture. These sort of things add a whole new décor to your garden. You Can fill the window with Rush foliage which proves to be the best for this method.

4. Installation of Shelves

In this method, you need to spend some money on installation of shelves in your garden to grow a vertical garden. You can places flower pots on these shelves. These prove to save up space and management required in other methods although this once requires some initial investment if you are not having some unused shelves installed in your garden beforehand. A variety of plants can be grown in the shelves as shown giving it an overgrown chick look.

5. Recycle a Frame for a new Purpose

Yes if you have a frame that is unused then you can use it again for an exciting, different purpose of growing a small vertical garden out of it. Paint an old frame first. Attach a piece of plywood with some drainage holes in it at the back of the frame.

On the back end of the frame, you can reimburse the garden soil and fix it properly. Put on the seed and fix them too. The thing in this method is that you need first to let the plants grow than just straightaway making them hang on the wall.

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