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How to Grow Onions in Pot

Grow Onion in pot

Grow Onions in Pot – Don’t have enough space for growing onions due to a small size of your garden? You don’t need to despair. The solution is to grow them in containers. This will allow you to grow your onions right in your home, inside the kitchen, balcony or terrace. Not only will they smell and taste better but will also be a lot healthier for you and your family. Want to know about growing onions easily in pots in your kitchen garden? Here are some practical tips to get you going.

Growing onions in pots

There is no special trick or method to grow onions in your home garden. Just like the onions grown in an outdoor garden or like any other plant, you just have to make sure that you provide enough sunshine, water, and fertilizer support to the plants and they will thrive in most conditions.

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Selecting the right pot

Grow Onion in pot

Grow Onion in pot

Needless to say, selecting the right pot for growing onions is important. Small pots are not useful since you would usually want to grow more onions in a single pot. It is, therefore, ideal to select a larger container that is 10-12 inches in height. The mouth or opening of the container should be bigger to be able to adequately accommodate the growing onion plants. Remember that one onion needs a space of about 3 inches for proper growth. You can even use plastic buckets or tubs for this as it will be economical. Just make sure that you make drainage holes at the bottom of the container.

Providing the right environment

Grow Onion in pot

Grow Onion in pot

It is important to offer the right growing conditions for the onion plant to grow optimally. Sunlight is an essential element for growth, and you should keep the pot in full sunlight whenever possible – ideally for about 6-8 hours a day. Some types of onion plants may need partial shade. One more important point to remember is that onions need cooler temperature during the seed germination process. When the plant starts to grow, it needs higher temperature for proper formation and growth of the bulbs.

Soil for onion plants

Grow Onion in pot

Grow Onion in pot

A well-drained, loamy soil that has a neutral pH is ideal for onions. Make sure that you add plenty of organic matter such as manure compost to the soil to improve its nutritional quality. Onion plant doesn’t need any special fertilizing if they are grown in an enriched soil.

Planting onions

Grow Onion in pot

Grow Onion in pot

Onion can be grown by sowing seeds or planting transplants in the container soil. Seeds should be planted ½ inch deep and about 3 inches apart in the soil. When grown from the seeds it takes about four months to mature. Since onions seeds are short-lived, it is important to sow fresh seeds each season.

While growing onions from transplants make sure that you bury the stem up to the start of the bottom leaves. Keep a distance of 3 inches between them.

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When the tops of the onion bulbs start turning brown, it’s time to remove the onion bulbs from the soil and let them dry for a few days.

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