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How to Grow Coriander in Your Kitchen Garden


Grow Coriander – Indian cuisine has widespread use of herbs with coriander being one of the primary ones. Not only Indian but it is also a favorite herb among Pakistani and global chefs thanks to its delicious aroma that makes it a must-add to the most gourmet delicacies. If you were hoping to grow some in your cozy kitchen garden then here is how you can do it like a pro:

The Planting phase

Coriander can be directly grown in soil or a pot but ensure that you don’t transplant the herb so choose a permanent place where you would like to grow it. You will need to plant coriander seeds around 1 cm deep and further check that your seeds are planted apart at a distance of approximately 4cm. Furthermore, you’ll need to wait for 1-2 weeks or a fortnight at maximum to let your seeds germinate but remember to keep the soil moist since coriander doesn’t fare very well when planted in dry soil.

In addition to keeping your soil well watered, your seeds won’t need much special attention but you can always add healthy compost from weeds and further nurture them with manure or vermicompost. During germination, it is important to provide your seeds with sufficient sunlight but keep rotating the tray or pot to avoid shadowing the new seeds.

What planting conditions do you need?

To make sure that your coriander seeds thrive here are some key planting and upkeep tricks:

  1. If you reside in cooler climates then you will need to delay sowing until hotter months of summer like May since spring in cooler areas may not be the suitable climate. Furthermore, make sure that the soil temperatures stay warm but moist, neither too cool nor too dry.
  2. You can also sow more seeds during the month of August and do so in your window sill pots will be apt since this will help you maintain a regular supply of coriander during the upcoming cooler months.
  3. Choose a shady area that doesn’t get too much sunlight so the light and shade for your seeds are balanced.
  4. When your coriander seeds grow fine feathery leaves, wait a little while to harvest since feathery leaves mean your seeds are about to flower in some time.
  5. Most important aspect of growing coriander is maintaining the growing space which should be well-drained and should receive enough sunshine.

The Harvesting Phase

Soon as your plant reaches the height of 10cm (seeds are generally suitable for harvesting within a fortnight of growing them), you can begin harvesting. Also, you will need to maintain regular harvesting routine to pick the developed leaves so flowering is hindered. Also, when your plant flowers, make sure that your seeds have been set so the unpleasant smell would stop on its own as the seeds grow to ripen.

You can also collect the seeds for culinary purposes.  However, it is important that you preserve the coriander leaves by keeping them refrigerated while wrapped in clean tissue paper and kept in an air-tight plastic container to delay rotting.

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