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Does the unwanted growth of plants in your pretty green lawn bother you. You would make all efforts to keep them away? If yes, the following techniques will definitely help you to keep off the lawn spoiler weeds.

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

The best way to confront the rowdy weeds is just not let them grow. The weed seeds are like sleeping monsters in the soil waiting to awaken. The right amount of water and exposure to sunlight are enough to trigger their growth. To avoid their access to the above elements, you should:

– Avoid disturbing the soil: To prevent the weed seeds from becoming active, the least amount of activity in the soil is recommended. So, instead of growing the grass from the seeds, you might want to opt for the sod.

– Cover the soil with a layer of sun blocking material: You can either opt for organic mulches which would decompose in some time enhancing the soil quality or the synthetic mulches which would last longer but not contribute to soil improvement. When choosing the mulch straw is recommended instead of hay since the latter contains hayseeds which might germinate and grow on to become a weed.

– Water deeply and infrequently: Deep watering will enable stronger and healthier growth of the grassroots, thus preventing any space for the weed seeds to germinate.

– Mow the lawn grass higher: Longer grass helps to protective and thick layer of grass which effectively blocks sunlight.

– Use pre-emergent herbicides: Use of these herbicides does not harm the existing grass or plants but restrains the weed seeds germination. These are most effective if used around three to four weeks before the normal time of the year for weeds to show up.

– Minimize the empty spaces: Try to grow your grass strands pretty, leaving no room for the weed seeds to germinate. Also, the good health of your lush green grass will prevent the unwanted growth to crop up.

– Close care and maintenance: If there are empty or bald patches in your lawn, try re-seeding. Also, if the soil is lacking in nutrients, use a good fertilizer to treat it with the required nourishment.

Cure If Cannot Be Prevented

In case the weeds do show up, do not panic since they can take care of. Now, the lawn weeds are of three kinds – broadleaf weeds, grass- like weeds or the grassy ones and each one requires different products and the application methods also vary.

You can use a pressure sprayer for applying herbicides to the small and weak weeds whose roots are not firm. Try to avoid uprooting by the hands because it is most likely that you would only be able to break some part of it while the roots will remain under the ground.

For the stubborn quack grass, you can use the non-selective plant killer which needs to apply carefully. Proper care will let your green carpet flourish the way you want it to!

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