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Secret Tips for Successful Container Gardening


What is Container Gardens?

Ranging from teacups to pots, Container Gardens are the hub for plants which are grown in containers rather than planting them in the ground. These containers include any material which can sustain gardening like box, pot, tub, hanging basket, tin or barrel etc. Container Gardens have made a new revolution in the field of gardening. They’ve made the entire world a growing space. Plants can now be suspended on hooks, hung up on roof, mounted on the walls or showcased on stairs.

Tips for successful container gardens

There are many elements which determine the success of Container Gardens.

 1. Type of Container

Amidst all, the type of container which is selected by the gardener matters the most. The material of the container affects the plant growth and the durability of the container itself. Also, the containers must have drainage holes, saucer plate beneath them and wheels to support mobility. The inside of the pot should be covered with coffee filter to prevent the soil from leaking through the drainage hole. The size of the container should be spacious enough for the roots of the plants to grow.

2. Selection Of Soil

Another thing to keep in mind is the selection of soil. The soil cannot be picked from the garden because it is too heavy and dirty which can cause problems in drainage of water. Instead, potting soil must be preferred which is lightweight and organic in nature.

3. Selection of Plants

Selecting the plant is yet another skillful task for a gardener. One needs to research properly and assess the sunlight requirements and the weather needed by the plant.

4. Keeping the Plant Alive

The toughest part of container gardening comes while keeping the plant alive. Watering in right amount does the trick here. One must keep in mind the difference between damp soil and wet soil. Usually it is damp soil which is suitable for gardening over soggy and wet soil.

5. Fertilizing

Unlike garden soil, potting soil is not a place for earthworms and other insects which help the soil to rejuvenate its fertility and nutrition. Therefore, proper fertilizing is important for the sustainable growth of the plants. Adding organic fertilizers and compost proves beneficial for the plants. It is also advisable to change the soil every year and replace it with a mixture of potting soil, compost and suitable fertilizers.

6. Re-Potting

Re-potting should also be practiced for the proper growth of the plants. It means the act of placing the plant into a bigger pot according to its requirement. As the plant keeps growing, its roots require more space, therefore, re-potting is a necessary part of the gardening process.

7. Research

Do thorough research on the plants and find out which plants get along together and which don’t.  Do not choose those plants who don’t get along or at least do not  choose to plant them in the same container.

8. Gardening Sanitation

A complete gardener also needs to pay heed towards garden sanitation. Containers need to be washed properly before plantation. Use a brush to remove all the dried soil from both the inside of the pot and outside.

So these were the basics of container gardening tips for building a successful container garden. Happy Planting!

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