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Small Space Gardening tips for apartment dwellers

Small Space Gardening tips

Are you having a love for greenery but not enough space to grow it, and then this article is the best for you?

Here we are going to provide you some great tips that will help you do awesome gardening even in the small space if you are an apartment dweller.

1. Make a shoe garden

A shoe garden is just so simple and cute of course. If you are having an old pair of shoes in your home, then turn them into a garden. Rain Boots fit best for this purpose. It just an amazing way to re-purpose your old shoes.

2. Mystic Garden from an old piece of furniture

Take an old piece of furniture and cut it into a style to turn it into a secret garden. Dresser fit best for this purpose. You just have to make sure to provide proper drainage so that plants can have a proper growth.

3. Convert ice tray into Herb Garden

Before you throw out the old plastic ice tray, we give you an amazing idea of converting it into a herb garden. Yes, you can grow small herb species in your old ice tray also.

4. Hanging Garden Pallet

You can convert an old pallet into a hanging garden pallet which will require minimum space for the growth also.
All that you need to do is to stretch it sideways, hang it up. Now just add some seeds and soil to it to see the results.

5. Dress a bleak wall in an amazing style

You can dress a blank wall of your apartment that points outdoor in an unforgettable style. Plant soothing terracotta plants in a French blue line style. Provide a base for soil, drainage, bleeding hearts, geraniums and other pretty blooms. This design proves the best for those living in apartments or those who are having a limited garden space.

6. Vertical garden out of Stack dresser drawers

You can create an eye-catching landscape out of your garden by making a clever use of drawers. Just paint the drawers in harmonizing colors and plant in them a lush of ferns and flowers.

7. Galvanized buckets as containers

You must be having old steel buckets in your apartment. Galvanized buckets of varying sizes can be used planters in small spaces. This idea is Space-efficient and adorable!

8. Grow herbs in mason jars

If you are low on space, you can grow herbs in the mason jars and just keep it on the table, or you can hang it somewhere outside in the balcony. Make sure to add good organic soil for the growth of herbs and make drainage holes also.

9. Hang potted planters outside in the balcony

The potted plants are light weight and are easy to manage, or we can say they just need a very less management. These not only look great but are also easy to implement in your life.

10. Turn a ladder into small garden

Believe it or not, you can re-purpose a ladder for your gardening. You just have to put the pots vertically and then move upwards. This idea will look great in your dining room or lobby.

11. Succulent gardens in glass bottles

If you think that garden is just not your forte and you are really small in space, then you can opt for succulents.

Succulents are small colorful plants. You can plants small succulents in your glass bottle by adding a small amount of beach soil. These succulents look cool placed on the shelves of your apartment.

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