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Best Tips to Create Organic Kitchen Garden

Create Organic Kitchen Garden in India – Having your own organic garden offers you many benefits. But an inevitable one is you get to consume natural and healthy vegetables and fruits. Thus allowing you and your family to lead a healthy life without having to compromise with the foods sprinkled with chemicals. Organic gardening will also let you use your vacant balcony or terrace for a fruitful purpose.

There are numerous delicious fruits and vegetables which you can grow at home with the use of some basic things like containers, or in no-dig plots or in a waste plastic bags or pots. For starting your own organic garden you must focus on a few steps that are mentioned below. Let’s have a quick look at them!

Tips to Create Organic Kitchen Garden

  • The most important part is to have good seeds to grow. There are different types of seedlings available in the market. Weather stands as a big deciding factor here. So while buying you need to make sure that the seeds are compatible with the overall climatic conditions of your region.
  • Always go for open pollinated seeds rather than hybrid seeds.
  • Sunlight plays a massive role in gardening. The plants require at least 3-4 hours of good sunlight daily. So seek for a location which gets ample sunlight.
  • A nutrient rich soil base is essential to develop your organic garden which has abundant and diverse microbial life that supports healthy plant growth.
  • This soil can also be produced at home by mixing vermicompost and sand or garden soil.
  • Water your plants every alternative day or as and when the water in the soil dries up.
  • Make a layer of dried leaves or sugarcane bagasse to soak the excess water from the soil and this will also protect the plants from direct sunlight. This will also ensure that your plants get the right amount of moisture.
  • In every 15 to 20 days pour Amrit Jal (it is made up of cow urine, fresh cow dunk, organic black jaggery, and water). If you wish, you can also make this at home.
  • Start with something very basic like chilies, tomatoes, etc. that you need the most in your kitchen. Or you can even think of planting basic herbs like mint (pudina), chilies, lemongrass and varieties of spinach as they are quite easy to plant and take care off.
  • Later on focus on growing vegetables like cabbage and radish, onion and brinjals.

Following these steps will offer you astonishing results. You will enjoy devouring on the vegetables grown in your own kitchen garden. What more, you will also end up saving enormous money as you will no more need to buy the expensive veggies from the market! The prices of which are all-time high. The quality of your life will improve magnificently and you will observe that you have gradually cut down on your visits to your doctor too. With a good blend of patience, determination and enthusiasm you will see a perfect kitchen garden reaping you endless benefits!

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