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Tools needed for home lawn care


Tools that you need for home lawn care – So you have a lovely looking garden in your backyard. Having a spread of lush green lawn, however, big or small, is a dream every home gardener harbors in his or her mind. It’s not an impossible dream if you go about it the right way. Maintaining the lawn in an immaculate condition is just another task that you have to undertake. With the right kind of tools at your disposal, it’s a perfectly attainable – and enjoyable – goal. Following are some of the most indispensable tools needed for home lawn care.

List of Tools needed for home lawn care


A good lawn mower is an absolute must if you want to keep your lawn looking great. An unclipped, haphazardly grown lawn can spoil your garden’s appearance in a big way. You can purchase an electrical, fuel-powered or manual mower according to your liking and budget. Spend wisely as it is the most expensive of the lawn care tools. Make sure to buy good quality equipment that will serve your purpose well for a long time.

Lawn rakes

Cutting your lawn is not enough as you also have to make sure that it is kept clean and debris-free. The best way is to buy a lawn rake that helps gather all the debris from the lawn including grass clippings, dry leaves, etc. Buy a quality rake from a reliable source as low-quality rates have the tendency to break their handles early. Replacing them will cost you more than you will spend on a good quality one.

Hand aerator

For a small or medium sized yard, it’s best to buy a hand aerator. It helps loosen the soil so that air and water can penetrate easily and deeply into it and lawn roots can readily absorb it.

Lawn sprinklers

Watering your lawn adequately is important to keep it green and sparkling throughout the year. Using lawn sprinklers is a great way to supply water to your lawn uniformly. This will ensure an even lawn growth in all parts of your home garden. Sprinklers can be fixed or movable. You can buy an impact, oscillator or traveling sprinkler according to your need and budget.


A spreader or fertilizer cart is used to spread the fertilizer evenly throughout the lawn. This is important to avoid uneven growth of your lawn. It also ensures that no part of the lawn is stressed due to deficiency of nutrients. It is multi-task equipment and can also be used to spread seeds uniformly around the yard.

Hand weeder

If there are parts in your yard where you cannot apply the weed-killer for some reason, a hand weeder will come handy. This tool makes sure that even the most stubborn weeds are removed from their roots so that they don’t regrow.

Hedge Trimmer

To maintain your hedge or to give it the required shape and size, hedge trimmer is the essential tool. You can have the manual scissor-like hedge trimmer or a powered one. Powered hedge trimmers are available in both fuels operated as well as electrically operated options. You can choose according to your requirement.

These are some of the most important tools needed for home lawn care. Using them will ensure a good quality lawn in your home garden that will stay green and healthy in all seasons.

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