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Top 10 Water Saving Tips for Your Garden


1. Pot-in-Pot

You can easily switch your seasonal plants by the pot-in-pot method. This method can save you time, money and most importantly because native plants tend to survive on themselves with a very little of water also. It is just that you have to plant seasonal plants in your garden in this pot by pot gardening technique. We can focus on this sort of method for saving time, conserving water in gardens. Pretty Smart!

2. Tube Planter For Planting Strawberries.

Strawberries are a sort of Self Watering plants, These types of planters make vegetable gardening very easy. Tube Planters are not at all expensive, and they have an aesthetic approach of self-watering. These sort of containers make a good investment if looks matter to you.

3. Make use of Diapers which will help in retaining moisture in potted plants.

This is a sort of recycling technique which helps to manage the waste of your baby that is the diaper and also making use to retain moisture in the potted plant. Believe it or not, the diapers have an incredible property of retaining water in the form of moisture for a long. Dry diapers can be the best way to sustain water for a long time in the potted plants.

4. Do it Yourself- A water-saving Rain Barrel

Collecting the rainwater and storm off water in the rain barrel is the most effective way of saving water for your garden. The best thing in this is that this you can make it yourself in your garden. Researchers have shown that rain barrel is having an average capacity of storing 1300 gallons of water which are otherwise a waste water in the form of runoff. So make a rain barrel now in your garden.

5. Creating a greenhouse out of milk jug to save your young seedlings

You can save money and improve the quality of your garden by this water saving method of the greenhouse effect which will prove effective in saving your young seedling. The best thing about this method is that it can be implemented out of an old milk jug container.

It will provide sufficient carbon dioxide needed for the process of photosynthesis thus minimizing the use of water somehow.

6. Make use of Coffee Filters to Retain Water in your flower pots.

Coffee is a water retaining polymer. You can place a coffee filter just below the bottom of your flower parts. It will serve as two purposes the first one that it will absorb the outside moisture for the growth of flowers. Secondly, it will stop dirt from falling through the holes at the bottom. This sort of treatment keeps plants less messy and healthier.

7. Make a PVC Drip Irrigation System for your garden

You can make use of PVC to make a drip irrigation system in case you have a large garden. This method will be effective for saving your time, money and water of course.

8. Make use of a large, strong and a ceramic pot without drainage holes.

Initial investment in selecting a good quality pot will prove beneficial to you in the long turn. A large pit will help you to grow a sufficient amount of plants. Being strong it will protect your plants in the long run from storms and rains. A ceramic pot without holes will help in the retention of water which is watered by you.

9. Make sure to Plant a mix of aquatic and bog plants.

If the plan is to plant plants in a pot then planting the mix of aquatic and bog plants will balance the water capacity needed by both the plants.

10. Recycle, Maintain, Conserve

Make use of gray water (the left out water from the various household chores) in watering the plants. Maintain your garden on a daily basis with the above-mentioned techniques and thus conserve water in your garden.

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