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Top 10 Ways to Make Your Home Look like a Cottage


The stresses of everyday life can be quite overwhelming and can set the desire for a secluded getaway. Cottages can be a very attractive option. The look and the interiors can stimulate thoughts and calm the mind and soul. It can be quite a creative get away. However, renting cottages can be quite a financial burden, and can burn a hole in your pocket. It would also require you to take time off from your busy schedule, which is not always possible.

Here are a few ways to transform your homes into a cottage.

#1. Doors with large windows

Wooden furnished doors, with large windows, provide a rustic look to your home and make it airy and sunny. These windows provide natural ventilation and temperature control. In order to maintain privacy, curtains can be used. The color and the fabric of the curtain is important to maintain the look. The very flimsy material would prove worthless as door curtains.
Screen doors can also be helpful. They are the perfect way to let the cool breeze and sunlight to enter, and let pests stay out, as well as maintain privacy.

# 2. Porch plants

These plants help a lot in adding to the cottage look. They give an ethnic and earthy look to the house and also help purify the air. One needs to read about the plants that can be grown in pots and indoors, or in shade. Accordingly, the choice of plants should be made. Plants also have proved to be helpful in combating depression.

# 3. Porch seating

This is also a very easy to maintain and trendy thing to do. Seats can also be put up in the verandah. They can provide a comfortable sitting place in the sunny afternoons, where one can curl up and sleep or read or even listen to music. This place is also perfect for a cozy getaway, with a hot cup of tea, in cold winter mornings.

# 4. Climby plants or creepers

These are perfect for the cottage look of our house. Preferably flowering plants, these can make your house stand out. They look beautiful and elegant, and the fragrance can be soothing too. a plus point is that they would attract birds and butterflies, giving you the feel of being closer to nature.

# 5. Stone path

This will give your house a cottage look. A stone path, or a stone-lined road, with flowers on either side, leading to your house, can give a storybook feel to your abode.

# 6. A wooden shelf

A wooden shelf stacked with your favorite books, or music CDs, or cutlery, is perfect for a cottage styled home. Add a recliner next to it, and you have fashioned yourself a perfect relaxation spot, spot where you can spend leisure time, in peace and solitude, indulging in your hobby.

# 7. Antiques

This does not mean that you spend a lot- anything with a back story that appeals to you, and is special enough to be a part of your life story, can be incorporated. These stories and mysteries are what make cottages so alluring and fascinating. You must know that Cottage style décor focuses on light and airy interiors, if you use dark storage heavy antiques, it may overpower your cottage-design.

# 8. Soothing colors

It is also important to carefully select the colors of your house. The color combinations should be the combinations found in nature. Usually, the cool colors should be reserved for the soothing corners, and the warmer colors for places like the living room or dining area, which are characterized by merriment and banter. White, neutral and colors inspired by beach and rural retreat are best in cottage décor.

# 9. Large, mismatched cushions

Lack or order and comfort are important aspects of a cottage. A cottage is beautiful in an undisciplined, wild way. They cater to comfort, more than looks. Mismatched cushions are a perfect way to combine comfort with playfulness. Moreover, if you try combining the modern furniture with cottage styled ones, the result can be beautiful!

# 10. Nature

A cottage has never really severed its tie with nature. Objects found “out there” like a bird’s nest, stones or shells can add to your home. They are quite fascinating and have a charm surrounding them. Make sure to choose natural themes and draft a plan so that the entire process runs effectively.

These were ways to revamp your house into a cottage. These changes are easy to afford and don’t take much time. If you are planning to hire an architect converse with him about these ideas before taking a leap and if you are thinking about doing it on own, focus on both the bigger picture and the smaller parts in advance.

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