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How to pick the right tool for weeding the garden?


Weeds hinder plant growth and are undesirable invasive in plants growth. From the desired crop nutrients, moisture is taken away by the weeds. They also hinder plant growth and attract insects. They also spread plant diseases and is a difficult garden problem to control. To control them one has to plan the right action. Weed pulling tools are best for home gardeners and small farmers. These tools are best used when the soil is loose and it allows the gardener to remove the weeds.

One should look for tools such as a blade, socket, handle and the shank is made of forged steel. Garden tools help in cleaning, preparing the soil and maintain the plants. Right gardening tools and equipment make the gardening work easier and more convenient.

Some of the best tools and equipment for gardening


This tool is one of the best for weeding, cultivation and cleaning the desirable plant.

Garden Fork

With a garden fork you can loosen the soil to prepare soil beds. Plants can be lifted and moved without damaging their roots. This tool can also be used to dig out root crops, divide perennials, aerate the ground around the plants and turn the compost pile.


The shovel is best used to dig large holes and to turn the soil. The Strong shovel can lift and move piles of soil, compost or sand.


Weeder has forked blade and hooks under the plants crown uproots the entire weed. It is very effective to clear grass and weeds from paved walks and narrow crevices.

Garden sprayer

– To apply fertiliser, chemicals and insecticide in the gardens and yards hose sprayer is very effective. This sprayer mixes the chemical with water and it delivers with correct strength.


Anvil and bypass clippers are best suited for small pruning chores. Bypass cut branches up to 5 to 8 inches. Anvil handle cuts 5 to 8 inches.

Pruning saw

– This tool in an indispensable tool and blade of the saw will not clog the green and soft wood. The saw which is smaller is very useful for the whole yard for pruning or thinning jobs.

Branch lopper

– It helps branches up to seven to eight-inch diameter and gives very precise cuts. Ratchet loppers have more cutting power but it is more costly and it is ideal for taking out branches or canes.

Utility trowel

This tool is best for small digging to make starter holes for bedding plants, vegetables and uprooting weeds in beds.

Bow rake

This is good to level the soil and make it ready for planting and for removing large clods of rocks from the soil.

Garden trowel

It is best for digging and weeding the dirt before transplanting already mature plant or the one that has just started out.

Selecting the right tools for gardening is very important when one takes any gardening project. One should opt for tools that are not too heavy or too light. Good gardening tools should have high-quality wood handles like ash. Give your garden perfect look by right gardening tools and equipment.


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