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How to Grow Money Plant at Home

Money -Plant Gardening

Grow Money Plant at Home – Epipremnum Aureum is better known as money plant is a favored plant not only across North India but in Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, China, etc. Owing to its low maintenance, it is a top climber-vining plant choice seen in urban homes and gardens and if you were hoping to get one of your own, here are the when, where and how of growing a money plant at home/indoors.

Money plants are a preferential choice by many as they can be planted in soil as well as water and there is no specific season for growing this wonderful plant. So, you can plant it anytime, anywhere in a pot full of water or soil or right in your garden.

Phases To Grow Money Plant at Home

Phase one: infancy

It is recommended that those growing their plants at home always start by planting money plant in water. As the roots develop, the plant can be easily be transplanted in soil pot or garden bed. Planting money plant in water initiates faster growth.

Phase two: nurturing

Watering is essential for growing any plant but too much water could damage your money plant. This vining plant can survive with scarce water supply and only needs watering every 14-21 days during the winter season and 7-10 during hotter seasons.

Exposing your money plant to sufficient sunlight is just as important as it thrives with the sunshine. This is why most people plant these in balconies or by the window so, you can plant the pot nearby your window for some added aesthetic dynamics and better growth. However, ensure that you choose such a spot that offers balanced shade and sunlight.

Phase 3: Additional nourishment

Planting indoors goes well with using smaller pots but a suitable and balance or bigger pot is required if you are planting it down your balcony, or in your garden bed. The pot size dictates the growth so you can further let the factor influence your choice as per the extent of growth that you are seeking.  Also, you can even plant it directly into the soil to give you flower or plant bed in your lawn or garden a plush appearance.

As far as fertilizing is considered, money plant fares well with the most modest types. The rationale behind its status as one of the most sought after vining plants is its low upkeep and fast growth so you wouldn’t need to worry about fancy fertilizers mixes. A nitrate base fertilizer as it doesn’t flower is recommended.

Phase 4: Upkeep

If you want your money plant climbing up then use a wooden pole to foster the efficient growth of this climber. You can tie its stems as gets bigger since the stems need support or you can let the plant grow down, taking support from the wall as it grows in small pots by the balcony or your window.

Finally, pruning of the right parts at the right time is vital to fostering growth so remember to trim the dead or overgrown leaves, branches or stems, etc and ensure that you don’t overdo it.


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