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Tips for Pruning Plants in your Garden

pruning plants

Pruning is essential for the upkeep of a garden and it is indeed necessary that you maintain a pruning routine to prevent exposing your plants to damage and ruin that lack of maintenance may result in. Here are some do-it-yourself tips for gardeners for a successful pruning:

Best Tips for Pruning Plants

The style of the cut

Pruning seems a lot like simple cutting of the branches or the limbs of the plant but it is much more. However, the concept is beyond plain cutting and involves removal of deadheads like dead flowers or leaves and then if the shrubs and branches aren’t in good shape either, then removing them is also essential.

If this is your first time then make sure that you make the first cut right under the branch keeping it almost 1 foot from your plant’s main stem. Ensure that the cut doesn’t affect the stem and maintains a suitable distance between the cuts. Don’t cut too close towards the plant trunk area as it could result in a broken bark.

Never more than 25%

The suggestion for every newbie is that never remove more than 25% of your plants. If you are new at this, it will probably take you some time to get the basics right but stick to the 25 number when you begin pruning as it helps in keeping the balance. If you cut more than 25% then you may end up cutting much more than necessary and this may result in your plant getting diseases and other problems.

Choose the ideal time to prune

Like harvesting and sowing seeds, pruning also has a specific time period and it differs as per distinct species of plants. So, do some homework on your garden plants and check what time would be best to prune them. Ensure that you never prune your plants prematurely as this may disrupt growth pattern. Also, there are some plants that go well for long without needing any prune so check about all of your plants in detail if you are maintaining a do-it-yourself or a hobby garn or you can seek a maali’s service or instructions on consequent pruning.

The key rule is that you never prune your fruit trees when they have dormant buds.

Why is the Maali still important?

The most important aspect is that if you are not sure about how to make the cuts and need some fancy pruning then getting the help of local gardener or maali should be on the top of your list. Since the process is highly selective, you will sure need to be well acquainted with the basics of pruning and horticulture or just basic gardening so if you are not sure about your fancy pruning skills, it is always wise to invest in gardening service in the beginning and you may pick the art by observing the expert.

Usually, when you hire the local good old Indian Maali-gardening aid, their job includes pruning along with sowing seeds, harvesting, etc as part of the entire upkeep duty. So, you can supervise the process, choose the type of plants you want to grow in your personal space and further maintain the upkeep without needing to be directly involved with the processes.

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