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The ancient science of Vastu has much to offer when it comes to a home garden. Vastu Shastra as it is commonly known is a science of balancing and harmonizing the natural forces and elements for the well-being of the dwellers of a Vastu or House. This includes facilitating and enhancing the flow of the vital universal energy by balancing the five elements namely Prithvi or Earth, Jal or Water, Agni or Fire, Vayu or Air and Akasha or Space.

The various plants in a home garden can be placed in such a way that it enhances the health, prosperity and mental well-being of the people living in the household. Following are a few Vastu tips to make your home garden a benevolent aspect of your house.

Two types of home gardens

A home garden can be either an outdoor garden or the one that is maintained inside the home in places like the kitchen, terrace or balcony. The Science of Vastu has excellent advice for both.

The four main directions, namely East, West, North and South and the secondary directions namely North-East, North-West, South-East, and South-West are important when positioning various plants and garden structures like pots, statues, ponds, water fountains, etc. in a home garden. If followed with the right spirit and understanding, these guidelines have the power to uplift the energy of the entire premises.

Vastu tips for outdoor home garden

Following are a few tips for outdoor gardens:

  • Grow smaller shrubs and bushes in the East or North direction. Avoid North-East direction, though.
  • South-West is the ideal direction for taller trees like Coconut, Palm, Ashok, Lemon, etc. Make sure there is enough distance between them and the house.
  • Trees like Mango, Peepal, Bill, Neem, etc. are considered more favorable when planted in the West part of the house.
  • Basil plant brings positive vibrations in the premises and therefore advised to be planted in the North-East direction.
  • A small water pond with lotus flowers should be created in the North-East direction for a positive influence.
  • Water fountains can be made in the North, East or North-East directions.
  • South, West or South-West are the directions for putting stone statues, benches and other heavy materials.

Vastu tips for indoor home garden

Following are tips for a garden inside a house:

  • Never grow plant more than 3 feet in an indoor home garden.
  • Flower pots should be placed on the North, East or North-East side of the home garden.
  • However, they should be kept on the ground and not on the wall.
  • Tulsi or Holy Basil is a great plant to improve overall well-being and bring harmony inside the house.
  • Crawling, cascading plants should be kept in the living room.
  • Thorny plants like cactus should be avoided.
  • Tall and full grown plants are best for bedrooms.
  • Creeper plants should not be grown on the walls. They should have their separate supporting structure.
  • Bonsai plants should not be kept inside a house.
  • Plants bearing Red flowers are not good for the home garden.
  • Money plant brings good luck and prosperity if grown in a home garden.
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