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20 Medicinal Plants You Can Find In Your Garden


If you have some garden space abandoned that is of no use, then you can get the full use of your free garden space by planting plants that are medically good and can be used. There is list of medical plants that you can plant in your garden.

Here below are some of the plants that are medically good for you which can help in boosting your immune system and can be used in preventing others diseases also :

# 1) Milk thistle:

Liver is one of the most important organs of our body. If you drink alcohol, or you are eating a lot of protein then it is must for you to take care of your liver. You can see this plant name labeled as being good for the liver.It contains antioxidants. You can use it in your smoothie by crushing them.

# 2) Aloe Vera:

You can find its name labeled on many skin care products like gels and cream. It is most widely used the plant for skin care. Along with its health care benefit, it aids heart health and has anti-inflammatory properties.

# 3) Echinacea:

It has antibacterial properties which can help in recovering faster when you are sick, it can be used both internally and externally. As an example, it can be used to treat sunburn.

# 4) Astragalus:

This plant can help in boosting your immune system, which means you will get better protection from the flu and the cold, along with this is very effective in preventing some major diseases like cancer.

# 5) Burdock:

You can have them with your salad. It is a very good and rich source of fiber. As it is rich in fiber it can help in proper digestion. It can help in removing bad toxins from our body.

# 6) Valerian:

If you are having trouble getting sleep at night then you can grow this plant in your garden and can use it. It helps in relaxing your body and helps in removing stress or anxiety.

# 7) Marshmallow:

It has some antibacterial property and can be used in the cold and achy throat. It can also help with proper digestion and stomach ulcer.

# 8) Garlic:

In India garlic is used very commonly. It can help in reducing your bad cholesterol. If you are having dry or a sore throat then you can use it by adding it to honey.

# 9) Peppermint:

If you are facing any indigestion problem in your stomach or if there is some problem with the proper bowel movement in your tummy then you can have peppermint. The fresh smell of this plant helps in improving your memory.

# 10) Sage:

It can help curb excess inflammation, and works as an antiseptic as well. It has the ability to help muscles relax and can clear up congestion in the lungs.

# 11) Passion Flower:

It can help in reducing the anxiety and stress. The result of which you can have better sleep at night and feel refresh in the morning. It has no side effects at all.

# 12) Thyme:

This herb is used widely; it can be used in case of acne problem and some other common skin problems also. If it is used as extract it helps in maintaining the blood pressure of the body.

Here below it the rest of the plants that you can grow in your garden and can have full use of them in the kitchen and in your daily life also.

13) Lemon Balm
14) Pot Marigold
15) Comfrey
16) Basil
17) Oregano
18) Ginger
19) Flaxseed
20) Blessed thistle

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