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7 Ways to Protect Your Plants from the Summer Heat


Sunny, hot and cruel summers are here and you are all set with your AC, loose cotton clothes, sunscreen lotion, and black sunglasses. Summer does not just affect humans, but plants too.

Extreme heat from constant sun exposure is quite destructive to plants. So, don’t allow yourself to overlook how hot summer can affect your garden this season. To enjoy the beauty of color-full flowers and bright plants throughout the season, you need to take some precautions to protect the garden that includes plants, vegetables and other greenery.

Round out 7 ultimate ways to preserve your garden in summer –

1. Let the plants help other plants in beating the heat. To protect small plants from heat and dehydration, use the transplants system. Manage the plants in a way that small plants can get some shade and tranquility from taller and somehow established plants. If you have some vegetables in your garden, you can go for successive crops.

2. Constant watering in a proper way is mandatory for the well being of the plants. Thirsty and dehydrated plants can’t grow. Roots, leaves and soils all need sufficient water in the hot summer season. When it comes to watering, timing is really important. The best time of watering is early morning. There is a minimum possibility of moisture loss when you give water to the plants when direct sunlight is not there. This practice avoids the expansion of fungal disease, slug populace and leave damage. It is better to water again the evening to delicate plants.

3. You may feel it a little awkward, if you are quite particular for a fresh lawn. But, a little taller grass can help in maintaining the moisture level of the soil. Grass can protect the soil from direct sun and preserve moisture for other plants. Adjust the mower to about six inches during the summer.

4. In compare to mature trees, new and small plants need more care and protection against the sun. If you have planted some trees in the garden, apply white latex paint the trunks up. It can reduce the effect of sun rays. Covering the trucks with good quality paper can help you to protect the trees.

5. It is not possible to cover the whole garden during the summer on a permanent basis. But, you can cover the garden to safeguard vegetables, plants and herbs, etc. during the hottest hours of the day on a temporary basis. The market is jam packed with a wide range of shade cloth, protective row covers and other stuff to cover the garden. These products are available in different sizes to cater to different needs of different gardens.

6. The most effective and simplest way to safeguard the garden is maintaining the moisture level of the soil. To do so, you can apply organic and good quality mulch over the soil. It blocks the sun rays and keeps the surface moist during hot summer.

7. To shield the seeds from harmful effects of sun, it is better to plant the seeds deeper in the soil. It is recommended to plant the seeds in the lower-level furrow to some extent and then cover that for a few days.


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