Summer Gardening

Best Gardening Checklist for Summers


Blooming colorful flowers, ripening fruits and ready to crop spring vegetables, mean –sunny and warm summer is here. The weather is warm and plants are looking good in the garden, but to maintain the beauty of your garden throughout the summer, it is important to pay heed on the garden. There are many projects that need your interest in the garden. Here is a vital garden checklist for summers –

Protect soil from sun – In order to preserve the moisture level in the soil and improve fertility, it is crucial to spread a coating of mulch in the garden. Mulch layer protects the soil from the harmful sun rays in the summer. Fortunately, the market is jam packed with a wide range of good quality mulch. It is strongly advised to use organic mulch to avoid any trouble for the plants and soil quality.

Weeding is important – If you overlook, a plenty of annoying weed can cover up your garden within no time. To maintain the elegance of the garden and protect the plants, it is vital to pull such plants from the garden. Not only weeds take nutrients from the plants, but provide a ground for pests and bugs in the lawn. Don’t allow them to grow, discover the weeds and remove them from the garden.

Add some heat tolerant plants – Some plants grow drastically in the warm weather. Pick some plants that can tolerate heat and can grow well in the summer. Replace the old and delicate plants with heat tolerant plants. Visit the nearby nursery to check the range of heat loving plants and pick some of them for your garden. Usually, such plants don’t take so much time to grow, thus can transform your garden fast. You can also add some vegetables in the garden.

Pinching and Pruning

Let the plants grow more with regular pinching. Pinch the top of the plants to give them a fine and more pleasant look. This practice encourages more blooms from the side shoots. May and June is the right time for pinching. At times, the large branches of some plants interrupt the growth of other plants and mess up the look of the garden, go for pruning to avoid such issue.

Remove dry plants

In the summer, lots of flowers blossom in the garden. It is important to remove the dried and dull flowers along with pale leaves from the garden. So many flowers can affect the seed producing process and the seed quality. So, it is good to remove dull flowers, especially when you need seeds.

Focus on pests and plant’s diseases

Owing to one or another reason, various pests, bugs and ailments can develop in the garden to damage your plants and flowers, etc. Some plants are developed on the wet plants and leaves. So, it is good to give water to the soil without spreading water over the plants. You can use some pesticides to remove the pests from the garden.

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