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5 Vegetable Gardening Tips that will save your Money..!!


I am not a history expert, but I believe that humans have been gardening since ages. There have been a lot of adaptations in the gardening techniques of vegetables, and most of the cleverly insane ideas will help you save a lot of money and make your gardening experience even better.

1. Make a mini greenhouse with a recycled, plastic bottle.

The greenhouse effect will help in the provision of sufficient amount of natural gasses that are required by the plants for their growth at a rapid speed. In your vegetable garden pots, you can make a mini greenhouse by recycling an old plastic bottle.

Just put the plastic bottle like this around your vegetable plant and you are done. This process will save your money for the nutrients in the soil. This process has to be adopted in the initial stages of your plant growth and not later on.

2. Packing Peanuts to save money on Soil

The vegetable plants need enriched soil with the high efficiency of nutrients and fertilizers for the true growth. The packing peanut is a unique and new idea which helps you save enough money on the soil. Packing peanut helps in lighting the container and usually occupies the bottom of the plant.

This method will lighten the container and also sufficiently allow the proper drainage of the water through the bottom of the soil.

3. Pest Protection without spending a lot of money on pesticides

Yes..!! You can save a lot of money from the pesticides zone also. Your vegetable garden is also subjected to damage from the pests. People nowadays are spending a lot of money on the chemicals such as pesticides to kill the pests in the vegetable garden.

But there is an interesting and insanely clever idea that may help you to protect your garden from pests by just making a little effort. You can help stop these pests by putting plastic forks around your vegetable plants as shown in the following image.

4. Epsom Salt as a Fertilizer

Believe it or not but the Epson salt is enriched with several useful nutrients and may help your vegetable plant to provide sufficient nutrients for rapid growth. People nowadays are spending a lot of money in buying harmful chemicals as fertilizers. Organic fertilizers prove to be good but are somehow a bit costly. Epson saltly is rich in magnesium and sulfate. These prove to be a boon to any plant that needs these nutrients for their growth.

So, you must make a habit of sprinkling Epsom salt now and then over your vegetable plants to see a mind blowing results. The best thing about this method is that you are not to undergo the headache of side effect of the chemicals that otherwise may arise using fertilizers.

5. Vegetable water as a mineral for plants

Most of us waste the water that we use for the cooking purposes. The water contains a lot of minerals added in it that can be used for the growth of vegetable plants.

You should recycle this water for your vegetable garden! Firstly this method is good for the environment, and also secondly your budget may get a benefit from this since your plants may benefit from the vitamins and minerals contained in the water and you need not add other costly nutrients, fertilizers, etc.

6. Citrus Peels to add nutrients to your vegetable plants

You can use the citrus peels as the seed starters for a great beginning. The citrus peels are believed to provide nutrients to the vegetable plants making them healthier and grow stronger.

By using these above recycling homemade techniques, you may get a benefit to deduce some more money from your budget resulting in cost saving.

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