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Tips for getting started with container vegetable gardening..!


People sometimes get low on a space for a vegetable garden, but just because you are a little bit low on a vegetable garden doesn’t mean that you will be out of this vegetable growing game.

Your house balconies, porch areas, and patios regions can be a great place for growing vegetables. For this purpose, all that you are in need of is a container may be a few pots and a little bit of sunshine that is necessary for the growth of plants.

1. Bigger Containers are not always necessary

It is believed that bigger is almost always better. We believe that if we want to have a great yield we need a bigger container for planting. But that’s just not always the same case. Vegetables can be grown in any sized pots. In ideal situations, you just need to match the container with requirement specifications of your vegetable you would be growing.

For example, if you plan to grow carrots then you are in need of a plant at least 18-inches deeps so that roots may properly penetrate to the depth of the soil and for root development purpose also.

But in case you are planning to grow beans in your garden then a container that is 6 inches deep would be sufficient for the proper growth of the plant.

2. Choose veggies that are perfect for container Gardening

If you are planning to grow vegetables in a container than the best way for it chooses those vegetables that are perfect for container gardening and will work just fine.
• For instance, tomatoes are some of the best veggies that you may grow in a pot. These are easy to take care. Also, these fit perfectly in the container.
• Second great choice can be beans. For this purpose make use of a trellis, so that these may grow upwards with proper sunshine.
• The third best choice is lettuce. Lettuce grows rapidly, and you may harvest it multiple times in a season
• Moving onto some leafy plants, Collard greens can be grown properly in a container.
• Other veggies may include Radishes, eggplants, spinach, kale, etc.

3. Use the best soil mix for containers

When you are out on shopping for the soil for containers, make sure to buy the soil that is perfect for that type of containers. Different types of containers have a different reflex for different types of soils. So it is better to choose a soil especially designed for containers. For instance, Mel’s Square Foot or a light and airy three-way potting mix containerizing compost, peat moss and vermiculite can be a perfect choice for your container soil.

Choosing this will help the roots of your plants to stretch out in the sunshine in the same way they would do if we would have planted them in the traditional garden beds.

4. Caring tips for your container vegetable garden

Everything that is growing needs some care and attention to grow properly.
In the same way, they will need a little love in the containers as well.
• Keep your container garden watered regularly. Make sure not to over water it.
• Boost your container soil every 4 to 6 months with fertilizers.
• Make sure to trim the extras of tomatoes or squash vegetable plants regularly.

5. Make use of a hanging garden container

The best plants for the hanging garden container are:
• Strawberries
• Lettuce
• Herbs
• Spinach

If you are unable to plant on the ground level due to the shortage of space, you may plant it above. Believe it or not, some plants do better when they are not lying on the ground.

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