Winter Gardening

How to Protect Garden Pots During Winters?


Winters is the time in which your garden pots are subject to a change and may subject to wither. So, during winters your plants need some extra care to survive most of the times they are left in the outdoors in the garden.

One way is that you can move your plants to indoor when winter starts because this is not the option always because plants grow the most and the healthier when placed outdoors.

So here we are going to provide some of the most incredible and unique ways to protect plants to help your garden pots to survive this winter.

1. Don’t make use of Garden Soil in your garden Pots or Container

The thing is that some people make use of garden soil for the containers. But this garden soil is not rich in minerals needed for the growth of plants in winters. The Container ma subject to a crack due to insufficient drainage. It is destitute in minerals and other nutrients required for the growth of plants especially in winters, so it is better to make use of another sort of new soils to plant in the containers.

2. Change the Soil in the beginnings of Winters.

Believe it or not, if you are a garden lover, you need to follow up this idea because the soil becomes low in the nutrient level after the usage in summers. So at the beginning of every winter make a habit of changing the soil so it may not hamper the drainage system thus resulting in the cracking of pots.

3. Create a Potting Shed Sanctuary

The Potting Shed is a unique way of protecting your plants. It is a bit expensive method but proves to give results in the long run. We have shown you a potting shed sanctuary above in the picture. It is a systematic way of handling the garden pots thus protecting them at the time of winters. Also, Potting Shed is a sort of greenhouse mechanism with a tinch of potting bells and making a lot of room for gardening tools, flowers, and other plants.

4. Plant a Mosquito Repelling Container Garden for the Protection..!

You can keep mosquitoes away from thrashing your garden pot in winters by planting a mosquito’s repellent container garden. You can plant some mosquito repellant plants and herbs with the help of which these sorts of mosquitoes will stay away from the plant and don’t hinder its growth protecting the garden plant as well.

5. Paint Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta is an earthen ware ceramic and is clay-like which can be either glazed or nonglazed. This terra cotta painted plants are ceramic in nature and have a high power for sustainability in all kinds of weather conditions. You should surely have terra cotta painted pits in your garden which will provide superficial benefits of protecting your garden pot in extreme weather conditions.

6. DIY Cement Planters Pots

The best way to solve the problem is to get into the roots of a problem. Earthen Pots are somehow subject to cracking during the times of winter. So it is better to get a cement pot and grow plants in it. The above image shows how the plants can also be grown in the cement pots as well.

Not all sorts of plants can be grown in the cement pots, but you can grow plants up to some extent in these pots.

In the starting, all that you need is cement mix, some old dishes, and your imagination as well.

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